David Brown Sundials Logo Horizontal

Horizontal dial in Welsh blue-black slate dials may be made in the shape of your choice, in stone or slate. Inscriptions can be carved around the vertical sides.

Shown right is a horizontal dial in Welsh blue-black slate to commemorate a wedding, with a Welsh dragon ( the bride was Welsh ) and the groom's family knot and motto. On the gnomon is a nodus (notch). The shadow cast by the nodus moves around lines drawn for the bride and groom's birthdays, and their wedding day each year.

Slate ring encompassing a brass equatorial dial In the dial shown to the left, David has carved an inscription on a slate ring encompassing an existing brass equatorial dial.

Musical theme sundial On the right another example of a horizontal slate dial, this time for a musician. Musical notes support the gnomon. There is also an inscription round the edge (not visible on the photo).